Kiribati - Financial Sector

  • CSV Financial Sector Indicators for Kiribati
    Updated: 27 May 2022

    HXLated csv containing Financial Sector indicators

    Indicators: ATMs per 100, Automated teller machines, Bank accounts per 1, Bank branches per 100, Banking crisis dummy, Borrowers from commercial banks, Commercial bank branches, Consolidated foreign claims of BIS reporting banks to GDP, Consumer price index, DEC alternative conversion factor, Depositors with commercial banks, Depth of credit information index, Foreign direct investment, GDP deflator, Gross portfolio equity assets to GDP, Inflation, International migrant stock, Net migration, Official exchange rate, Personal remittances, Personal transfers, Portfolio equity, Portfolio investment, Private credit bureau coverage, Public credit registry coverage, Remittance inflows to GDP, Strength of legal rights index

  • CSV QuickCharts-Financial Sector Indicators for Kiribati
Source World Bank
Date of Dataset January 01, 1960-December 31, 2021
Updated 27 May 2022
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