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  • CSV Environment Indicators for Montenegro
    Updated: 27 February 2021

    HXLated csv containing Environment indicators

    Indicators: Access to clean fuels and technologies for cooking, Access to electricity, Adjusted savings, Agricultural land, Agricultural methane emissions, Agricultural nitrous oxide emissions, Annual freshwater withdrawals, Aquaculture production, Arable land, Average precipitation in depth, Bird species, CO2 emissions, CO2 emissions from gaseous fuel consumption, CO2 emissions from liquid fuel consumption, CO2 emissions from solid fuel consumption, CO2 intensity, Capture fisheries production, Coal rents, Droughts, Energy intensity level of primary energy, Fish species, Forest area, Forest rents, GHG net emissions/removals by LUCF, HFC gas emissions, Land area, Mammal species, Marine protected areas, Methane emissions, Methane emissions in energy sector, Mineral rents, Mortality rate attributed to household and ambient air pollution, Mortality rate attributed to unintentional poisoning, Mortality rate attributed to unsafe water, Natural gas rents, Nitrous oxide emissions, Nitrous oxide emissions in energy sector, Oil rents, PFC gas emissions, PM2.5 air pollution, People practicing open defecation, People using at least basic drinking water services, People using at least basic sanitation services, People using safely managed drinking water services, People using safely managed sanitation services, Plant species, Population living in slums, Renewable energy consumption, SF6 gas emissions, Surface area, Terrestrial and marine protected areas, Terrestrial protected areas, Total fisheries production, Total natural resources rents, Water productivity

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Source World Bank
Date of Dataset January 01, 1961-December 31, 2018
Updated 27 February 2021
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