Kenya - Socio-economic assessment of refugees in Kenya's Kakuma camp 2015

Source UNHCR
Date of Dataset November 08, 2015-December 04, 2015
Updated 4 July 2021
Expected Update Frequency Never

Kind of Data: Sample survey data [ssd]
Unit of Analysis: All refugee households residing in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya. UNHCR PPG: 1KENB
Sampling Procedure: The survey's objective was to deliver representative data of all households living in Kakuma refugee camp, with robust disaggregation to the sub-camp level. (Kakuma has four such sub-camps) The total population in the camp at the time of the survey was estimated at around 26,000 households. For this survey a stratified, single-stage (i.e. non-clustered) sample design was applied. The four sub-camps of Kakuma were considered strata and the 126 administrative blocks were considered sub-strata. All strata and sub-strata were retained for the sample. Within each of these sub-strata, a sample of households was drawn systematically via a random walk sampling process. The total sample size was 2,000 households (500 households in each of the four sub-camps).
Data Collection Mode: Computer Assisted Personal Interview [capi]

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