Ukraine Subnational Population and Housing Data Tables with Administrative Boundaries, Based on National Census and Surveys

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    Updated: 31 March 2022

    National and subnational boundary feature classes of Ukraine for joining (linking) to attribute data provided in tables prepared by the U.S. Census Bureau.

  • XLSX Ukraine_uscb_201905.xlsx
    Updated: 31 March 2022

    Total population for 2001 (census) by five-year age group and sex, language, ethnicity/nationality, for the national and first- and second-order administrative divisions. Total population for 2017 (population estimates), household characteristics, information and communication technology characteristics, and income and poverty characteristics for the national and first-order administrative divisions.

Source U.S. Census Bureau
Date of Dataset August 06, 2019-October 07, 2022
Updated 31 March 2022
Expected Update Frequency As needed

Data were collected from the All-Ukrainian Population Census 2001 and several surveys: the Household Self-assessment of Availability of Selected Goods and Services, the Distribution of the Permanent Population of Ukraine by Article and by Age on January 1, 2017, the Transport and Communications of Ukraine 2017, and the Socio-Demographic Characteristics of Ukrainian Households in 2018. Census Bureau staff added and altered boundaries and modified the statistical data as detailed in the Metadata tab of the tabular data.

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