Togo: Coronavirus (Covid-19) City level

This dataset is part of  COVID-19 Pandemic 
Source Ministry of Health - Togo
Date of Dataset March 06, 2020-June 21, 2021
Updated 25 June 2021
Expected Update Frequency Every week

Source : Ministry of Health Data is from national government.

Blank space refers to data not given. 0 refers to no cases.

When gender data is not specified, we use the not specified gender to complete the details.

When cases are not localized, we use the "Non spécifié" line (= not specified).

Caveats / Comments

Please note that two mistakes have been corrected from the main source : +11 cases and +20 recoveries which have not been counted by the authorities.

We have been collecting Covid-19 in Africa for a year, if you have any feedback on how you use our data, don't hesitate to contact us at and share your work !

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