Somalia - Kismayo IDP Settlement Assessment - Household Dataset

Source REACH Initiative
Date of Dataset November 30, 2016-November 30, 2016
Updated 28 February 2017
Expected Update Frequency Never

Dalxiska, Kismayo East and Kismayo West are areas in Kismayo, consisting of a number of smaller settlements. In order to provide an accurate picture of the service availability and facilities for the households, an area based approach was deployed. In this regards, the settlements in Kismayo East and West have been assessed as one combined area and Dalxiska as one separate.

Closed ended household (HH) questionnaires were deployed concurrent to close ended key informant interviews (KI) and a full assessment of available facilities in the selected settlement. Secondary data review was conducted prior to the assessment based on existing secondary data from partners and previous site mapping exercises. Data available on settlement names and estimated population count, as well as information from cluster partners on facilities and services was used to prepare the sample and targeting of facilities and households. Information in this data set relates to the HH assessment only.

A sampling plan , consisting of random cluster sampling with settlements as the basic clusters, was prepared prior to the HH data collection, ensuring a 90% confidence level and +/-5% margin of error of the sample. 30 settlements and 623 HH were covered in Dalxiska and 29 settlements and 594 HH in Kismayo East/West.

The HH survey contained questions on the HH displacement profile; WASH, health, shelter, nutrition, education services and needs, as well as protection issues and community structures.

Caveats / Comments

This exercise covered three areas in Kismayo: Dalxiska, Kismayo East and Kismayo West. Because of the close proxomity of Kismayo East and West, these areas were assessed as one area. The pilot assessment was conducted in two settlements known to contain a high population of recent returnees from Dadaab.

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