Aid Worker KKA (Killed, Kidnapped or Arrested)

Source Insecurity Insight
Date of Dataset January 01, 2015 - December 31, 2020
Updated Live
Expected Update Frequency Live

Systematically collected from open source, public reports as well as verified submissions from our partner agencies.

Caveats / Comments

Not representative or a comprehensive compilation of all events in which an aid worker was killed, kidnapped, or arrested. Key definitions Aid worker: An individual employed by or attached to a humanitarian, UN, international, national, or government aid agency. Killed: Refers to a staff member being killed. Aid worker(s) killed while in captivity are coded as ‘kidnapped’. Kidnapped: Refers to a staff member being kidnapped, missing or taken hostage. Arrested: Refers to a staff member being arrested, charged, detained, fined or imprisoned.
Data collection is ongoing and data may change as more information is made available.

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