Relative Wealth Index

Source Facebook
Date of Dataset April 01, 2021-July 05, 2022
Updated 11 February 2022
Expected Update Frequency As needed

Researchers at the University of California - Berkeley and Facebook developed micro-estimates of wealth and poverty that cover the populated surface of all 135 low and middle-income countries (LMICs) at 2.4km resolution. The estimates are built by applying machine learning algorithms to vast and heterogeneous data from satellites, mobile phone networks, topographic maps, as well as aggregated and de-identified connectivity data from Facebook. They train and calibrate the estimates using nationally-representative household survey 20 data from 56 LMICs, then validate their accuracy using four independent sources of household survey data from 18 countries. They also provide confidence intervals for each micro-estimate to facilitate responsible downstream use.

Research publication for the Relative Wealth Index is available here:

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