People in need

Source OCHA
Date of Dataset October 31, 2014-October 31, 2014
Updated 24 November 2015
Expected Update Frequency Every three months

The number of people in need due to the armed conflict in 2015, was calculated considering population affected by the armed conflict and armed violence between 2012 and 2014, plus the estimate for 2015 based on trends and average of the previous years. The estimated number of people in need includes people directly affected by the armed conflict (IDPs, APM/UXO victims, victims of SGBV, people affected by access constraints and confinement), and people in need living in host communities in municipalities with high IDP reception rates and low institutional response capacities. The number of people in need as a result of natural disasters is an estimate of people living in areas affected both by natural disasters and armed conflict leading to situations of “double vulnerability”. Other especially acute crises were also included as La Guajira, where socioeconomic and Venezuelan border issues have aggravated humanitarian consequences of natural disasters.

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