Namibia administrative level 0-2 population statistics

Source Namibia National Statistics Agency 2011 census of population
Date of Dataset Dec 19, 2018
Expected Update Frequency Every year

Derived from the Namibia National Statistics Agency Census 2011 census of population.

Caveats / Comments

The ‘//Karas’ administrative level 1 feature name includes the click consonant that is symbolized with a non-Latin character. The ADM1_EN attribute field includes only Roman characters but the ADM1ALT1EN field includes the click consonant symbol.

This dataset fits the former 107 constituency system but does reflect the split of Kavango region into Kavango East and West, and Caprivi to Zambezi name change. Namibia has adopted a new 121 constituency system but population statistics unavailable.

Population projections to 2041 are provided at the administrative level 0 (country) 1 (region) levels. The source data treats Kavango instead of the new split between Kavango West and East. Therefore, the ratio of administrative level 2 (constituency) data was used to distribute the projected populations for Kavango West and East.