Mozambique satellite detected waters, Cyclone Idai

Source Sentinel-1, Copernicus, Flood depictions: AFED v05r00
Date of Dataset March 21, 2019-March 21, 2019
Updated 22 March 2019
Expected Update Frequency As needed
Methodology Direct Observational Data/Anecdotal Data
Caveats / Comments

Disclaimer for Flood depictions: AFED v05r00 The ARC Flood Extent Depiction (AFED) data have been developed by Atmospheric Environmental Research, Inc. (AER), a Verisk Business, for the African Risk Capacity (ARC) Group. AFED data are downscaled from coarse resolution (22 km) microwave satellite data and, although depicted at ~90m resolution, will only detect large scale river flooding. Flooding in elevated areas and small tributaries usually is not detected. The data are provided to the public for information purposes only, and neither AER nor the ARC Group make any representation or warranty regarding the fitness of the data and information for any particular purpose. In no event shall AER nor the ARC Group be held liable with respect to any subject matter presented here.

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