Lake Chad Basin Crisis Displaced Persons

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    Updated: 24 February 2017

    Displacement figures for the Lake Chad Basin Crisis. Derived from

    Field Definitions

    -- Period, #date+bin: Most recent available value for each location has been used to fill each date bin. The bins are Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr, etc.

    -- Country, #country+name: Country in which the displaced persons are located

    -- ReportedLocation, #adm1+name: Administrative Unit Level 1 in which the displaced persons are located

    -- DisplType, #affected+type: Type of displacement (refugee or internally displaced person)

    -- TotalTotal, #affected+displaced: Count of individuals displaced

    As per the conventions in use by the humanitarian community, these displacement totals attempt to exclude individuals displaced by natural disasters or other crises. As such, the follow rules are applied:

    --Only Niger, Cameroon, Chad, and Nigeria are included.

    --In Chad, only Lac and Mayo-Kebbi Est administrative level 1 units are included.

    --In Cameroon, only Extrême-Nord administraive level 1 unit is included.

    --Only refugees from Nigeria are included.

Date of Dataset March 23, 2016-March 23, 2016
Updated 24 February 2017
Expected Update Frequency Every three months
Methodology Direct Observational Data/Anecdotal Data
Caveats / Comments

Only includes those administrative level 1 units which are considered to have displacement driven primarily by the conflict in the Lake Chad region.

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