Current IATI aid activities in Montserrat

  • CSV IATI activities in Montserrat (no location information)
    Updated: Live

    Currently-active IATI activities in Montserrat, in 3W/4W style with HXL hashtags. This dataset contains one unique activity/sector combination on each row. It is suitable for counting the total number of reported activities, or for aggregating activities by sector, reporting organisation, etc.

  • CSV IATI activity locations in Montserrat
    Updated: Live

    Current IATI activity locations in Montserrat, in 3W/4W style with HXL hashtags. This dataset contains one row per location, so activities with multiple locations are repeated, and activities without location information are omitted. It is suitable for applications that want to show activity locations on a map, or find the closest geolocated activities to a settlement or camp.

Source Various IATI reporting organisations
Date of Dataset January 01, 2019-September 28, 2022
Updated Live
Expected Update Frequency Live
Methodology Registry
Caveats / Comments

Information originates from multiple IATI reporting organisations, and has not been centrally vetted or audited for accuracy or consistency.

Includes only those activities from the IATI Registry that are included in D-Portal and have the status "Implementing".

The total number of activities may include duplicates, if (for example) a donor and an implementing partner both report the same activity under different IATI identifiers.

Start and end dates of activities within the dataset will differ.

File Format