Food Insecurity Mapping - Central Asia (April - June 2015)

Date of Dataset April 30, 2015-April 30, 2015
Updated 14 October 2015
Expected Update Frequency Never

FEWS NET uses a scenario development method to evaluate the most likely scenario for acute food insecurity outcome up to 6 months ahead. This methods involves making best assumption on key drivers of food security, including agro-climatic performance, markets and trade, etc. This is a best estimate of likely food security outcome and should not be taken as a firm prediction. FEWS NET re-examines the assumptions each month and updates the outlooks when appropriate.

The IPC_Legend.lyr file is provided for reference. It contains the official color schemes for IPC (Integrated Phase Classification).

Caveats / Comments

As part of the piloting of IPC 2.0, FEWS NET adopted key elements in 2011, including the scale, mapping protocols, and Household-based Acute Food Insecurity Reference Table. However, FEWS NET is considered “IPC-compatible” rather than “IPC-compliant” because it does not use all elements of IPC.

The difference in approach relates to the IPC requirement that stakeholders in a given country conduct intensive technical reviews, peer reviews, and consensus exercises as a step in the process. In all countries, the success of FEWS NET's work depends on close collaboration with partners and technical experts. At times, however, it is necessary to conduct analysis with a speed and flexibility that is not possible when many actors share decision-making.

For more information, please refer to FEWS NET.

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