Kingdom of Eswatini - Subnational Administrative Boundaries

Source Central Statistics Office
Date of Dataset May 13, 2020-October 03, 2022
Updated 29 January 2021
Expected Update Frequency Every year

OCHA was unable to obtain shapefile data from the 2017 Census; however Census 2007 shapefile data was obtained from the Central Statistics Office previously. The number of records and names in the preliminary census 2017 report match the 2007 Census for Administrative Boundary Levels 1 and 2. Therefore the 2017 preliminary census data was extracted from the pdf and joined to the Census 2007 GIS shapefile boundaries.

Topology was cleaned in the Census 2007 data and the data was dissolved to create the Administrative Boundary 0 (Country), Administrative Boundary 1 (Regions) and Administrative Boundary 2 (Tinkhundla) shapefiles.

The UNHCR (GAUL) boundaries received only contain 53 Tinkhundla (Admin 2) records, however 55 records are required to facilitate an accurate join to the preliminary Census 2017 population data. Therefore the CSO Census 2007 data set which contains 55 Tinkhundla records was used (includes the split between Mbabane West/East and Manzini North/South). The spelling of Madlangempisi Tinkhundla was corrected, as per online sources.

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