DRC: Languages

Source Translators without Borders
Date of Dataset December 31, 2016-December 31, 2016
Updated 28 January 2020
Expected Update Frequency As needed

2016 CAID Rapport annuel de l’Administration du territoire.

Caveats / Comments

Language usage in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is extremely complex and suitable data is limited. The issues noted here will be reviewed and resolved where possible in future version of this dataset. For now this dataset should be considered only indicative of the language context of DRC. All data confidence values are low. Percentage values for languages include all speakers in that area, regardless if they have previously been included in other languages. No primary language specific data is currently available. This data draws on that of CAID, a government department focused on collection and analysis of development sector data in DRC, and is subject to a number of issues and inconsistencies present in that source data. The methodology used to collect the source data is unclear and appears to differ across administrative areas. Different naming conventions have been used for languages and dialects, and so it is likely that some appear more than once in the data under different names.

File Format