COD Admin 1 geojson simplified geometries from gistmaps live service source

  • GeoJSON COD_MOZ_Admin1.geojson
    Updated: 15 October 2019

    This dataset is of simplified geometries from COD live services deployed June 2019. Simplification methods applied from ESRI libraries using Python, Node.js and Mapshaper.js and based on adapted procedures for best outcomes preserving shape, topology and attributes. These data are not a substitute for the original COD data sets used in GIS applications. No warranties of any kind are made for any purpose and this dataset is offered as-is. Versions of topojson, kml and csv are also available. For a list of other simplified CODs see the address list:

Source ITOS
Date of Dataset October 15, 2019-October 15, 2019
Updated 15 October 2019
Expected Update Frequency As needed

Simplification using ESRI, Node.js and Mapshaper.js to preserve shape, topology and attribution.

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