Mozambique - Subnational Administrative Boundaries

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Source Mozambique INE (Instituto Nacional de Estatistica) Census 2007 data from WFP Geonode, cleaned by UN OCHA ROSEA. Maputo City districts added from SALB boundaries by OCHA.
Date of Dataset April 02, 2019-August 19, 2022
Updated 24 March 2021
Expected Update Frequency Every year

Mozambique Administrative Boundaries Level 3 Postos from WFP Geonode / INE (Census 2007), cleaned by UN OCHA ROSEA.

Caveats / Comments

10 JUNE 2019 UPDATE: The administrative level 3 (posto) feature for “Mieze” (formerly MZ0117, in its own “Pemba” district) has been corrected to belong in the “Metuge” district and has been P-coded MZ010902.

25 APRIL 2019 UPDATE: Lines file with administrative level coding added to shapefiles.

April 10, 2019 update:

Shapefile projections changed to WGS94 Underscore ("_") characters in feature names changed to spaces. NO CHANGES MADE TO P-CODES.

Affected resources: gazetteer: moz_admbnda_2019_gazetteer_v4 EMF files: KMZ files: shapefiles: moz_adm_2019_SHP_v3

April 8, 2019 update:

EMF files added KMZ files added COD-AB data sheet added.

The changes do not alter the previous shapefiles.

The administrative level 1 (province) KMZ file was generated from a generalized shapefile (tolerance 0.001 degree) because of the number of vertices. The shapefile resource on this dataset is the original.

April 3, 2019 update: administrative level 4 (settlement) features added for the Maputo City area.

File Format