Costa Rica - Subnational Administrative Boundaries

Source Costa Rica National Statistics Office (NSO)
Date of Dataset January 13, 2022-October 04, 2022
Updated 9 February 2022
Expected Update Frequency Every year

Downloaded from National Statistics Office. P-codes adapted from the official administrative level 1 ('Codprov'), 2, ('Codcan'), and 3 ('Código') numerical codes (by prefixing with 'CR') by OCHA.

Caveats / Comments

The P-codes in this dataset (and the accompanying Costa Rica - Subnational Population Statistics were adapted from the official codes in January 2022. The earlier dataset used incompatible, unofficial P-codes.

The ADM3 feature “Alfaro Ruiz” in the COD-PS corresponds to “Zarcero” in this COD-AB. They are linked by the P-code CR21101.

These layers contain two topological overlap errors and five topological gap errors. These will be corrected in a future update.

Neither the COD-PS nor the COD-AB feature the ADM2 feature, "Caldera" which was formed from parts of "Espiritu Santo" [CR60201] and "San Juan Grande" [CR60602] in 2014.

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