Chile - Subnational Administrative Boundaries

Source La Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile (BCN)
Date of Dataset August 03, 2021-August 13, 2022
Updated 13 November 2021
Expected Update Frequency As needed

Prepared by OCHA from La Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile (BCN) source shapefiles. P-codes standardized using BCN feature numbers.

Caveats / Comments

This dataset was corrected on 3 August 2021. Data available previously placed administrative level 3 feature "Paillaco" [now CL14107] incorrectly in administrative level 2 feature "Ranco", instead of the correct administrative level 2 feature "Valdivia" [CL141].

The source shapefiles included an overlapping polygon ‘Zona sin demarcar’ (‘Unmarked area’) polygon straddling the Argentinian border that polygon that has been removed.

These shapefiles contain several hundred unresolved topology errors that cause minor errors in the administrative level tagging of the lines shapefile. Lines surrounding internal topological gaps may be tagged as shorelines.

File Format