Beirut port explosion operational zones

Source OCHA Lebanon
Date of Dataset August 11, 2020-August 11, 2020
Updated 9 October 2020
Expected Update Frequency Every week

Interagency cooperation

These operational zones were developed to help coordinate and collaborate on relief efforts. Administrative level 3 boundaries in Lebanon (Cadasters) were divided into Zones. Those zones will be used as a reference to facilitate the data collection for all different aspects of the response. A Zone can be defined as a cluster of built-up plots separated by the road network within the Administrative Level 3 - Cadasters of Lebanon.

The socio-economic status of households living pre-blast in each zone was estimated by UN-Habitat based on (1) a national ranking of 498 disadvantaged area undertaken to inform the ongoing UN-Habitat-UNICEF Neighbourhood Profiling project and (2) a visual assessment in the field on 12 August 2020.

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