Ethiopia - Social Protection and Labor

  • CSV Social Protection and Labor Indicators for Ethiopia
    Updated: June 25, 2020

    HXLated csv containing Social Protection and Labor indicators

    Indicators: Average working hours of children, Beneficiary incidence in 1st quintile, Beneficiary incidence in 2nd quintile, Beneficiary incidence in 3rd quintile, Beneficiary incidence in 4th quintile, Beneficiary incidence in 5th quintile, Beneficiary incidence in extreme poor, Child employment in agriculture, Child employment in manufacturing, Child employment in services, Children in employment, Contributing family workers, Coverage, Coverage in 1st quintile, Coverage in 2nd quintile, Coverage in 3rd quintile, Coverage in 4th quintile, Coverage in 5th quintile, Coverage in extreme poor, Coverage of social protection and labor programs, Coverage of social safety net programs, Coverage of social safety net programs in 2nd quintile, Coverage of social safety net programs in 3rd quintile, Coverage of social safety net programs in 4th quintile, Coverage of social safety net programs in poorest quintile, Coverage of social safety net programs in richest quintile, Employers, Employment in agriculture, Employment in industry, Employment in services, Employment to population ratio, Female share of employment in senior and middle management, GDP per person employed, Labor force, Labor force participation rate, Labor force participation rate for ages 15-24, Labor force with advanced education, Labor force with basic education, Labor force with intermediate education, Part time employment, Population in extreme poor, Population in the 1st quintile, Population not receiving Social Protection, Population only receiving All Social Assistance, Population receiving 2 programs, Population receiving only 1 program, Ratio of female to male labor force participation rate, Self-employed, Share of youth not in education, Unemployment, Unemployment with advanced education, Unemployment with basic education, Unemployment with intermediate education, Unemployment with secondary education, Unemployment with tertiary education, Vulnerable employment, Wage and salaried workers

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Source World Bank
Date of Dataset Jan 01, 1981 - Dec 31, 2019
Updated June 25, 2020
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