Syrian Arab Republic - Subnational Administrative Boundaries

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Source United Nations Cartographic Section (UNCS) and United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA)
Date of Dataset January 15, 2021-January 15, 2021
Updated 23 September 2022
Expected Update Frequency Every year


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Most Recent Changes:

12 January 2021 ITOS geoservices, shapefiles, and geodatabase added. EMF files added. ITOS gazetteer added.

18-August-2020 added 327 Communities.

21-March-2019 added 14 Communities.

19-Dec-2018 Use the Neighborhood as point loaded in the same layer/ Excel file called as a humanitarian Location added 11 Communities.

01-July-2018 added 1528 Communities and some localities moved to their accurate locations

31-Jan-2018- added 91 populated places and areas, some localities moved to their accurate locations, essential change in the admin boundary in Tartous Governorate at Admin 2 and Admin 3

1-June-2017- added 24 populated places and areas

22-Feb-2017- added three populated places and fixed some typos in admin4 and neighborhoods

04-Oct-2016 - Added two populated places

20-Sept-2016 - Built-up polygonal layer was created so that for each populated place there is a corresponding built-up poplygon; Added populated places based on feedback from humanitarian partners ; Neighborhood layer now includes 11 main cities with new p-codes ; column names follow global standard; reference names are unique both in English and Arabic

12-Jan-2014 - Shape file version posted. UTF-8 has been used to enable the correct display of Arabic characters.

19-May-2013 - New features added to Admin4 ; English Names edited to be consistent in all Admin levels; locations of few communities adjusted

07-Jan-2013 - Column with Capitals of Administrative Units (1 - 3) added to Populated Places (Admin 4). No changes.

19-Dec-2012 - Minor change: erroneous Admin 1 p-code for the populated place Arab Elmalik Jerkes (p-code = C3571) corrected (from SY010 to SY10).

12-Dec-2012 - Added neighborhoods , currently Damascus only. Added "C" as leading character of pcodes at level 4 (populated places) to ensure uniqueness. The digits remain the same from earlier versions.

24-Sep-2012 - Consolidated spelling between all 4 levels for all admin levels. Pcodes added.

24-Aug-2012 - Shapefile versions added. Exported from the geodatabase version of 30-June-2011.

30-Jun-2012 - Topology cleaned, underscores removed from admin names.

Languages: EN AR

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