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    Updated August 23, 2019 | Dataset date: Jun 1, 2018-Jun 1, 2028
    This dataset updates: Live
    Subset of the full list of crisis identifiers available at OCHA provides these GLIDE numbers for interoperability purposes only, so that partners will know what identifiers we are using internally. Please refer to for the complete and most up-to-date list.
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    Updated August 21, 2019 | Dataset date: Jan 19, 2015
    This dataset updates: Never
    (DEPRECATED: please use the data at instead — also available at Based on feedback from Humanitarian Information Management community, the team in OCHA has released three letters standard clusters codes via APIs to help facilitate interoperability between websites and data from several humanitarian platforms including, ReliefWeb, HDX, Online Reporting System, Online Project System, Financial Tracking Service and the developer communities.
  • Updated January 31, 2019 | Dataset date: Mar 10, 2016
    This dataset updates: Every six months
    Master list of humanitarian appeal codes and names. Optimised for use with the International Aid Transparency Initiative.
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    Updated August 30, 2018 | Dataset date: May 26, 2017
    This dataset updates: Every year
    Contains Country and Territory names from the United Nations Protocol and Liaison Office (DGACM), UN m49 standard, and ReliefWeb Countries list, together with mappings to related Terms and IDs found in UNTERM, ISO 3166, the API, and the FTS API. For more information, please visit
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    Updated August 30, 2018 | Dataset date: Apr 12, 2017
    This dataset updates: Never
    Contains IASC designated Global Clusters and Areas of Responsibility. Global Clusters and Areas of Responsibility (AoR) were defined to enable more predictable leadership in situations of humanitarian emergency. The content includes the Preferred Term to be used for each Cluster and AoR, the Acronym (3-letter cluster code), the Group to which the term belongs (defining whether it is a Global Cluster or AoR) and the website URL. Both the Google Spreadsheet and CSV versions contain HXL hashtags. For more information, please visit
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    Updated November 30, 2017 | Dataset date: Nov 30, 2017
    This dataset updates: Every year
    Master dataset for resolving HXL "+v" attributes, first introduced in release 1.1. To request new entries or changes to existing ones, please send a message to the public HXL mailing list.
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    Updated July 13, 2017 | Dataset date: May 1, 2013
    This dataset updates: Every year
    An overview of the administrative divisions for Azerbaijan. Place codes and names in Azerbaijani were taken from official site of The State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan (İnzibati-ərazi bolgüsü təsnifati, 2013). All place codes of the admin1 units, except for Baku and Nakhchivan, are unofficial. Names in English were taken from Statistical Yearbook of Azerbaijan 2016. Russian names of administrative units of Administrative Level 1 are unofficial. Please note that the first administrative level is not an official administrative level, but sometimes used by Government agencies. See for example the Regional Development Center in Azerbaijan: In their map, only Baku is missing as separate admin1 unit.
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    Updated May 31, 2017 | Dataset date: Apr 12, 2017
    This dataset updates: Every year
    Includes types of organizations and associated definitions - e.g. United Nations, Donors, etc For more information, please visit
  • Updated May 26, 2017 | Dataset date: Apr 12, 2017
    This dataset updates: Every year
    Functional roles define broad categories of humanitarian work. Their purpose is to facilitate the forming of appropriate Operational Groups (such as the Information Management (IM) Working Groups) with membership based on inclusion of those with the most relevant knowledge and skills. For more information, please visit
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    Updated May 9, 2017 | Dataset date: Apr 26, 2017
    This dataset updates: Every year
    Master list of names and codes for individual commodities and commodity groups as used by UNHCR, available to other humanitarian actors for applications such as market or needs assessments.
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    Updated February 26, 2016 | Dataset date: Feb 26, 2016
    This dataset updates: Never
    Comparison of country name standards, and common name errors found across
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    Updated September 3, 2015 | Dataset date: Jul 4, 2015
    This dataset updates: Every year
    World-readable Google Sheet with geographical master data for Guinea, including ADM1/2/3 p-codes and links to GeoJSON shape files. HXL tagged. Also includes list of known Guinea health facilities, a list of IPC partner organisations, and code lists for sector (public/private) and infection-control training type. Used by the Guinea health facility training activities dataset.