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    Updated Live | Dataset date: Feb 16, 2020-Apr 3, 2020
    This dataset updates: Live
    The number of children, youth and adults not attending schools or universities because of COVID-19 is soaring. Governments all around the world have closed educational institutions in an attempt to contain the global pandemic. According to UNESCO monitoring, over 100 countries have implemented nationwide closures, impacting over half of world’s student population. Several other countries have implemented localized school closures and, should these closures become nationwide, millions of additional learners will experience education disruption.
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    Updated July 24, 2019 | Dataset date: Dec 31, 2018
    This dataset updates: Never
    This is a dataset which has been taken and re-arranged from the UNESCO Institute of Statistics. It has ben aggregated to the regional level within Africa.
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    Updated July 17, 2019 | Dataset date: Jan 1, 2012-Dec 31, 2018
    This dataset updates: As needed
    Data on targeted and/or actual enrolment of out of school children through partnerships with Educate A Child projects for the years of 2012 - 2018.
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    Updated June 18, 2019 | Dataset date: Jan 1, 2016-Dec 31, 2018
    This dataset updates: As needed
    This is a compilation of datasets compiled from scraping the monthly fact sheets produced by the Whole of Syria Education Cluster.
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    Updated June 21, 2018 | Dataset date: Jun 1, 1970-Dec 31, 2018
    This dataset updates: Every six months
    Worldwide comprehensive metrics for children in the official primary school age range who are not enrolled in either primary or secondary schools.