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    Updated 27 May 2021 | Dataset date: May 27, 2021-August 16, 2022
    This dataset updates: As needed
    Quartiers des communes de Goma (7) et Karisimbi (11) de la ville de Goma, en République démocratique du Congo, extraites de la base de données OpenStreetMap. Quarters of the Goma (7) and Karisimbi (11) communes of Goma city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, extracted from the OpenStreetMap database.
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    Updated 10 November 2019 | Dataset date: March 22, 2019-March 22, 2019
    This dataset updates: As needed
    Beira and Dondo neighbourhood boundaries. Official Beira bairros from INGC.
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    Updated 18 July 2019 | Dataset date: July 18, 2019-July 18, 2019
    This dataset updates: As needed
    Gaza Strip Neighbourhoods points
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    Updated 18 April 2016 | Dataset date: April 18, 2016-April 18, 2016
    This dataset updates: As needed
    This dataset includes OpenStreetMap extracts for places in Ecuador. The data is hosted on the Ecuador OpenStreetMap Extracts website. Additional extracts of OSM for different themes are hosted on the Ecuador OpenStreetMap Extracts website. Also, see the Ecuador OpenStreetMap Extracts, Roads dataset on HDX. The placenames.* files include all city/hamlet/neighborhood/village/etc features in the OpenStreetMap database. The cities, hamlets, and neighborhood files include subsets of the placename dataset, for: cities.* matches tags: place=city, hamlets.* matches tags: place=hamlet, neighborhoods.* matches tags: place=neighborhood, place=neighbourhood See the 2016 Ecuador Earthquake OSM wiki page for more information on the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (or HOT) response. The data is updated daily.