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    Updated July 19, 2019 | Dataset date: Jul 19, 2019
    This dataset updates: Every week
    This dataset lists project funding allocations from OCHA's Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF). CERF allocations are made to ensure a rapid response to sudden-onset emergencies or to rapidly deteriorating conditions in an existing emergency and to support humanitarian response activities within an underfunded emergency.
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    Updated July 8, 2019 | Dataset date: Jul 2, 2019
    This dataset updates: Every week
    This dataset lists all contributions made by donors to the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF). CERF receives broad support from United Nations Member States, observers, regional governments and international organizations, and the private sector, including corporations, non-governmental organizations and individuals.
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    Updated December 7, 2018 | Dataset date: Oct 23, 2018
    This dataset updates: Every three months
    IRC’s GIS unit created this database to allow for a more sustained approach to producing relevant mapping products and geospatial analysis for regions undergoing emergencies, and will fill gaps in information sharing and management between OFDA, IRC, and other implementing partners during emergency response. IRC’s GIS services provide OFDA/Ethiopia with the information and analysis required to monitor the evolution of project / program results and to track project and program impacts across implementing agencies and geographic locations. This dataset contains boundaries of Ethiopian administrative Woredas which are roughly consistent with the actual administrative boundaries for the year 2017.The Woreda boundary contains attribute data (implementing Partners, Situation and Sector Fields) for IRC Ethiopia all ongoing Emergency Responses, which are funded by all donors (such as OFDA, ECHO, EHF and Others) as of 31 December 2017.
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    Updated August 13, 2017 | Dataset date: Aug 14, 2017
    This dataset updates: Every year
    Alhasan Systems Private Limited is proudly sharing with you Pakistan's complete Union Council Boundaries on the 70th Independence Day of Pakistan. This data will remain the only public version of UCs boundaries for all Pakistan citizens and organization both public and private and researchers around the world until a more authentic version become available from the concerned institution. Dear GIS/ IM professionals. This UC boundary is compiled from data mining of public sources, and you are encouraged to use it in your projects. We request you to bring enhancement to this dataset and make them public on HDX as a newer version for the larger benefit.
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    Updated August 2, 2017 | Dataset date: Sep 19, 2014-Mar 25, 2015
    This dataset updates: Never
    In 2014, RIWI Corp. launched an online survey in Nigeria, Liberia, and Sierra Leone capturing public perceptions data from over 4,000 respondents on the status of Ebola in those countries. Respondents were asked a series of questions related to their confidence in government and aid agencies to manage the Ebola outbreak, as well as their own behavioral response to the infection. The data was collected using RIWI's patented Random Domain Intercept Technology™ (RDIT).
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    Updated July 17, 2016 | Dataset date: Feb 9, 2016
    This dataset updates: Every six months
    Projected IPC population Estimates February - June 2016 by FAO-FSNAU (