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    Updated June 13, 2019 | Dataset date: Jan 24, 2019
    This dataset updates: Never
    Facebook has produced a model to help map global medium voltage (MV) grid infrastructure, i.e. the distribution lines which connect high-voltage transmission infrastructure to consumer-serving low-voltage distribution. The data found here are model outputs for six select African countries: Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda, DRC, Cote D’Ivoire, and Zambia. The grid maps are produced using a new methodology that employs various publicly-available datasets (night time satellite imagery, roads, political boundaries, etc) to predict the location of existing MV grid infrastructure. The model documentation and code are also available , so data scientists and planners globally can replicate the model to expand model coverage to other countries where this data is not already available. You can find the model code and documentation here: Note: current model accuracy is approximately 70% when compared to existing ground-truthed data. Accuracy can be further improved by integrating other locally-relevant information into the model and running it again. Resolution: geotiff is provided at Bing Tile Level 20
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    Updated August 15, 2018 | Dataset date: Jan 1, 2011
    This dataset updates: Every year
    Energy data (2003-2010) including access to electricity, energy production, sources, use, fossil consumption consolidated from
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    Updated June 11, 2018 | Dataset date: Jun 11, 2018
    This dataset updates: Every three months
    Rapid needs assessment conducted across 255 communities in Idleb Governorate and surrounding opposition held areas in north western Hama, and western Aleppo. Dataset includes demographics, IDP movement intentions, and sectoral information for shelter, food security, livelihoods, electricity and NFIs, WASH, Health, Education, and Protection. Data was collected from May 24th to the 31st.
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    Updated March 16, 2017 | Dataset date: Mar 15, 2017
    This dataset updates: Every month
    Electricity Consumption Trends in Punjab
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    Updated November 24, 2016 | Dataset date: Apr 17, 2016
    This dataset updates: Never
    African Regional Energy Statistics, 2000 - 2014