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    Updated 9 March 2020 | Dataset date: December 02, 2011-December 02, 2011
    This dataset updates: Never
    The dataset shows the percentage of children under 1 year fully immunized in Kenya per county
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    Updated 25 July 2017 | Dataset date: September 19, 2014-March 25, 2015
    This dataset updates: Never
    In 2014, RIWI Corp. launched an online survey in Nigeria, Liberia, and Sierra Leone capturing public perceptions data from over 4,000 respondents on the status of Ebola in those countries. Respondents were asked a series of questions related to their confidence in government and aid agencies to manage the Ebola outbreak, as well as their own behavioral response to the infection. The data was collected using RIWI's patented Random Domain Intercept Technologyâ„¢ (RDIT).
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    Updated 27 December 2015 | Dataset date: August 03, 2015-August 03, 2015
    This dataset updates: Never
    This dataset shows the Immunization statistics for Bomet county. The datasets show Immunization coverage for BCG, OPV1, OPV3, 1st Measles and 2nd Measles and also the Percentage of children under 24 months fully immunised