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    Updated 4 July 2021 | Dataset date: October 01, 2014-February 28, 2015
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    In 2014/2015, WFP and UNHCR, the Government's main partners in providing assistance to refugees, conducted a "socio-economic categorization" in select refugee camps in Chad. This dataset covers a total of 12,643 households in the Gozamir and Belom refugee camps.
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    Updated 21 June 2018 | Dataset date: June 02, 2014-June 02, 2014
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    The data set consists of district wise per capita gross national income for 2014. The variable used for per capita gross national income are agriculture and forestry, fishing, mining and quarrying, manufacturing, electricity, gas and water, construction, wholesale and retail trade, hotels and restaurants, transport, storage and communications, financial intermediation, real estate, renting and business activities, public administration and defense, education, health and social work, other community, social and personal services activities, total economy including financial intermediation service indirectly measured (total value added), total economy at basic price (total value added), GDP at market price, factor income, GNI, per capita income ( Rs. at), per capita income ($) and per capita income, PPP ($). The data is extracted from Nepal Human Developement Report (2014) by UNDP ( 
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    Updated 25 November 2015 | Dataset date: August 17, 2015-September 04, 2015
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    Following the completion of shelter activities outlined in the Humanitarian Action Plan (HAP) and the beginning of the transition from the emergency phase to longer term preparedness / recovery programming, the Shelter Cluster redeployed the baseline assessment team in August 2015 in order to conduct a detailed evaluation of the shelter response. The overall objective of the evaluation was to inform 1) an evaluation of the effectiveness of the shelter operational response detailed in the humanitarian action plan (2) identify barriers to recovery.
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    Updated 24 November 2015 | Dataset date: April 07, 2015-May 01, 2015
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    Category Five Tropical Cyclone Pam made landfall in Vanuatu on March 13th 2015, resulting in storm surges and sustained winds of up to 240 km per hour throughout the affected area of the country. REACH, through its global partnership with the Global Shelter Cluster, was deployed to Vanuatu at the end of March 2015 to facilitate the implementation of a shelter and settlements vulnerability assessment designed to inform the medium to long term strategy of the Vanuatu Shelter Cluster. Data collection was conducted between 7 April and 1 May, 2015.