DTM Zimbabwe Village Assessment — Matabeleland...

URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/62bc7aff-287a-4426-a63d-6c322989357a/resource/5e42b51e-8395-40ec-90dc-fa4d20d90307/download/3-hdx_bha_livelihood_msva_pulicdataset_rev-final.xlsx

Electronic questionnaires were used to collect the data and purposive sampling was used for sample selection. Eighty-nine enumerators were trained on the multisectoral village assessment questionnaires as well as data collection techniques.

Multi-sectoral village assessments were conducted through focus group discussions with key informants in villages identified through baseline assessments which were conducted during the same period to capture population estimates, multi-sectoral needs, vulnerabilities and livelihood opportunities. The key informants included village heads, village health workers, childcare workers, village secretaries, chiefs, religious leaders, community members, education officers.

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