DTM Yemen Displacement Tracking - 07 Nov - 13 Nov 2021

URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/8b4d9c0b-fbc0-4c8d-a5cd-f11b45dbb80c/resource/5da20138-8c1b-4ad0-8a50-048f092cb3ba/download/20211114_rdt_weekly-update-07-november-13-november-2021-hdx.xlsx

During the reporting period, between 07 and 13 November 2021, IOM Yemen DTM tracked 1,448 households (HH) (8,688 individuals) displaced at least once. Con?ict was the main reason for displacement, accounting for 99 per cent (1,437 HH) of the total, followed by economic reasons, accounting for one per cent (11 HH). From 01 January to 13 November 2021, IOM Yemen DTM estimates that 19,894 households (119,364 individuals) have experienced displacement at least once

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