Russian Federation - Age and sex structures

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Summary for Unconstrained individual countries 2000-2020 - Russian Federation
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Source WorldPop, University of Southampton, UK
Date of Dataset January 01, 2000-December 31, 2020
Updated 29 June 2020
Expected Update Frequency Every year

Estimates of total number of people per grid square broken down by gender and age groupings (including 0-1 and by 5-year up to 80+) in 2020 for Russian FederationThe dataset is available to download in Geotiff format at a resolution of 3 arc (approximately 100m at the equator) . The projection is Geographic Coordinate System, WGS84. The units are estimated number of male/female in each age group per grid square.The mapping approach is Pezzulo, C. et al. Sub-national mapping of population pyramids and dependency ratios in Africa and Asia. Sci. Data 4:170089 doi:10.1038/sdata.2017.89 (2017)Filenames: Example - afg_f_05_2000.tif People per pixel (PPP) for female age group 5 to 9 years (f_05) in Afghanistan for year 2000.For other datasets, m = male, 00 = age group 0 to 12months, 01 = age group 1 to 4 years, 80 = age 80 years and over

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