Health Indicators for South Sudan


HXLated csv containing Health indicators

Indicators: ARI treatment, Adolescent fertility rate, Adults, Age dependency ratio, Antenatal care, Antiretroviral therapy coverage, Antiretroviral therapy coverage for PMTCT, Assistance during delivery, Birth rate, Births attended by skilled health staff, Cause of death, Children, Children with fever receiving antimalarial drugs, Completeness of birth registration, Consumption of iodized salt, Contraceptive prevalence, Current health expenditure, Current health expenditure per capita, Current use of contraception, Death rate, Demand for family planning satisfied by modern methods, Diabetes prevalence, Diarrhea treatment, Domestic general government health expenditure, Domestic general government health expenditure per capita, Domestic private health expenditure, Domestic private health expenditure per capita, Exclusive breastfeeding, External health expenditure, External health expenditure per capita, Fertility rate, Health expenditure, Household posession of mosquito nets, Immunization, Incidence of HIV, Incidence of malaria, Incidence of tuberculosis, Increase in poverty gap at $1.90, Increase in poverty gap at $3.20, Intermittent preventive treatment, International migrant stock, Life expectancy at birth, Lifetime risk of maternal death, Malnourished children, Maternal mortality ratio, Mortality caused by road traffic injury, Mortality from CVD, Mortality rate, Mortality rate attributed to household and ambient air pollution, Mortality rate attributed to unintentional poisoning, Mortality rate attributed to unsafe water, Net migration, Newborns protected against tetanus, Number of deaths ages 5-14 years, Number of infant deaths, Number of maternal deaths, Number of neonatal deaths, Number of surgical procedures, Number of under-five deaths, Out-of-pocket expenditure, Out-of-pocket expenditure per capita, People practicing open defecation, People using at least basic drinking water services, People using at least basic sanitation services, Population, Population ages 0-14, Population ages 00-04, Population ages 05-09, Population ages 10-14, Population ages 15-19, Population ages 15-64, Population ages 20-24, Population ages 25-29, Population ages 30-34, Population ages 35-39, Population ages 40-44, Population ages 45-49, Population ages 50-54, Population ages 55-59, Population ages 60-64, Population ages 65 and above, Population ages 65-69, Population ages 70-74, Population ages 75-79, Population ages 80 and above, Population growth, Pregnant women receiving prenatal care, Prevalence of HIV, Prevalence of anemia among children, Prevalence of anemia among non-pregnant women, Prevalence of anemia among pregnant women, Prevalence of anemia among women of reproductive age, Prevalence of diarrhea, Prevalence of overweight, Prevalence of severe wasting, Prevalence of stunting, Prevalence of underweight, Prevalence of wasting, Probability of dying at age 5-14 years, Proportion of population pushed below the $1.90, Proportion of population spending more than 10% of household consumption or income on out-of-pocket health care expenditure, Proportion of population spending more than 25% of household consumption or income on out-of-pocket health care expenditure, Refugee population by country or territory of asylum, Refugee population by country or territory of origin, Sex ratio at birth, Specialist surgical workforce, Suicide mortality rate, Survival to age 65, Tetanus toxoid vaccination, Treatment of acute respiratory infection, Treatment of diarrhea, Tuberculosis case detection rate, Tuberculosis treatment success rate, UHC service coverage index, Unmet need for contraception, Unmet need for family planning, Use of insecticide-treated bed nets, Vaccinations, Vitamin A supplementation coverage rate, Vitamin A supplements for children, Women who believe a husband is justified in beating his wife, Women who were first married by age 15, Women who were first married by age 18, Women's share of population ages 15+ living with HIV

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