Tajikistan - External Debt

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External Debt indicato...
External Debt indicators for Tajikistan


  • External Debt Indicators for TajikistanCSV (2.1M)
    Updated: August 28, 2020

    HXLated csv containing External Debt indicators

    Indicators: Average grace period on new external debt commitments, Average grant element on new external debt commitments, Average interest on new external debt commitments, Average maturity on new external debt commitments, Commercial banks and other lending, Commitments, Concessional debt, Currency composition of PPG debt, Current account balance, Debt buyback, Debt forgiveness grants, Debt forgiveness or reduction, Debt service, Debt service on external debt, Debt stock reduction, Debt stock rescheduled, Disbursements on external debt, EBRD, Exports of goods, External debt stocks, Foreign direct investment, GG, GNI, Grants, IBRD loans and IDA credits, IDA grants, IFC, IMF charges, IMF purchases, IMF repurchases, IMF repurchases and charges, Imports of goods, Interest arrears, Interest forgiven, Interest payments on external debt, Interest rescheduled, Multilateral debt, Multilateral debt service, Net ODA received, Net ODA received per capita, Net change in interest arrears, Net financial flows, Net flows on external debt, Net official development assistance received, Net transfers on external debt, OPS, PNG, PPG, PRVG, PS, Personal remittances, Portfolio equity, Portfolio investment, Present value of external debt, Primary income on FDI, Principal arrears, Principal forgiven, Principal repayments on external debt, Principal rescheduled, Public and publicly guaranteed debt service, Residual, Short-term debt, Technical cooperation grants, Total amount of debt rescheduled, Total change in external debt stocks, Total debt service, Total reserves, Total reserves in months of imports, Undisbursed external debt, Use of IMF credit

  • QuickCharts-External Debt Indicators for TajikistanCSV (6.4K)
    Updated: August 28, 2020

    Cut down data for QuickCharts

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Date of Dataset January 01, 1970 - December 31, 2026
Updated August 28, 2020
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