Whole of Afghanistan Assessment - Hard to Reach Dataset - August 2018

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Source REACH Initiative
Date of Dataset August 01, 2018-September 26, 2018
Updated 10 November 2019
Expected Update Frequency Every year

The Hard to Reach component of the Whole of Afghanistan (WoA) Assessment utilised Mapping Focus Group Discussions for the mapping process and Key Informant Interviews with knowledgeable community members to identify needs and access constraints.

Caveats / Comments

Raw data set and cleaning log are available upon request.

REACH would like to acknowledge the contribution of the following partners that supported the planning and data collection of this assessment: OCHA, ACTED, ECHO, DFID, ACBAR and the ACBAR Twinning Program, and the EiEWG, ESNFI, FSAC, Health, Nutrition, Protection, and WASH Clusters. A special thanks to all national NGO participants of the ACBAR Twinning Program who, supported by DFID, conducted a much of the HH data collection. This includes: RADAA, AOAD, ASCHIANA, NCRO, ADEO, AHDAA, AREA, ARPD, CAWC, CHA, HADAAF, NCRO, OHW, ORD, PRB, RSSAO, WSTA. A thank you to all other partners who kindly offered their support to this assessment.

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