Urban health Indicators for Liberia

URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/4f1b7cff-8c79-41d1-aab6-43f90f1e7605/resource/aa8b075a-bda2-4ff6-b37c-060e1ad05d03/download/urban-health_indicators_lbr.csv

Urban health: Percentage of the total population living in cities > 100'000 inhabitants, Coverage of antenatal care (4 visits), Coverage of DTP3 immunization, Knowlege about sexual transmission of AIDS, HIV prevalence, Infant mortality per 1 000 live births, Coverage of measles immunization, Prevalence of obesity, Coverage of skilled birth attendance, Prevalence of (moderate or severe) stunting in children, Prevalence of current cigarette smoking, Under-five mortality per 1 000 live births, Population living in urban areas (%), Prevalence of (moderate or severe) underweight in children, Prevalence of (moderate or severe) overweight in children, Households using an improved drinking-water source (%), Households using a piped drinking-water source (%), Households using a piped onto premises drinking-water source (%), Households that have a bednet for sleeping (%), Women that slept under a bednet last night (%), Households that use solid fuels for cooking (%), Proportion of urban residents living in a slum area, Adolescent birth rate (births per 1,000 women aged 15 to 19), Households with at least one ITN for sleeping (%), Children under five who slept under a bednet the previous night (%), Children under five who slept under an ITN the previous night (%), Contraceptive prevalence rate among women married or in union, Households with soap and water at a handwashing facility (%), People who identify the use of condoms as a way to avoid AIDS (%), Households with dirt floor (%), Population not using any sanitation facility (open defecation) (%), Prevalence of overweight and obesity

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