UNODC Global Criminal Justice Statistics

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Source UNODC
Date of Dataset December 31, 2015-December 31, 2015
Updated 21 September 2018
Expected Update Frequency Never
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One of the key tasks of UNODC is to produce and disseminate accurate statistics on drugs, crime and criminal justice at the international level. UNODC also works to strengthen national capacities to produce, disseminate and use drugs, crime and criminal justice statistics within the framework of official statistics.

Data Sources

UNODC regularly provides global statistical series on crime, criminal justice, drug trafficking and prices, drug production, and drug use. Data produced by UNODC have multiple sources.

Member States regularly submit to UNODC statistics on drugs (through the Annual Report Questionnaire) and crime and criminal justice (through the annual Survey on Crime Trends and Operations of Criminal Justice Systems). Other data are collected through national surveys implemented by UNODC in cooperation with national governments or are compiled from scientific literature. UNODC also applies scientific methods to maximize the comparability of the data and estimate regional and global statistics.


A number of statistical standards and recommendations are developed by UNODC in the field of crime, criminal justice and illicit drugs in collaboration with national experts and relevant international organizations. The objective is to enhance the comparability of statistics at international level and to support countries in their efforts to produce national statistics on drugs, crime and criminal justice.


UNODC publishes survey reports in collaboration with national governments in the field of illicit drug cultivation and production, drug use, victimization and corruption.

It also publishes comparative regional and international analysis of data related to drugs, crime and criminal justice, together with standards and recommendations in the field of drug, crime and criminal justice statistics.

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