Ukraine - Monitoring of the Shelter Programme - 2017

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Source UNHCR
Date of Dataset December 01, 2017-August 31, 2018
Updated 31 January 2022
Expected Update Frequency Never

Kind of Data: Sample survey data [ssd]
Unit of Analysis: All 1732 repairs conducted by UNHCR between December 2017 and August 2018.
Sampling Procedure: Non random sample, selected to comply with 3 principles: § to cover as many areas as possible in order to capture the different conditions in which house repairs are conducted, while giving priority to areas with difficult access and conditions § to accord priority to problematic cases (in terms of technical or protection-related issues) § to cover all types of repairs, but giving priority to interventions that have required high investments in terms of time and money (heavy repairs and reconstructions)
Data Collection Mode: Face-to-face interview: Mobile

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