United Republic of Tanzania - Alternative Cooking Fuels and Training Programme - 2019

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Source UNHCR
Date of Dataset March 22, 2019-March 27, 2019
Updated 26 May 2021
Expected Update Frequency Never

Kind of Data: Sample survey data [ssd]
Unit of Analysis: All Persons of Concern to UNHCR living within Nduta, Nyarugusu and Mtendeli camps
Sampling Procedure: A total of 1,200 PoCs participants were involved in this project in which 400 of them received LPG while 800 received charcoal briquettes. Out of the 800 participants, 400 of them used procured fuel efficient “matawi” stoves while the remaining 400 participants used modified mud stoves. The aim was to compare the efficiency of both stove types in burning the charcoal briquettes and to understand the preference of the PoCs between the two stove types. A random sampling approach was adopted in selecting project participants and then further screening was conducted. Generally, out of the 21 zones present in Nduta, all the participants were drawn from zone 1-9. The selected zones meets the first selection criteria as can be seen below. The rest of the zones were not meeting the first criteria at the time of participants’ selection.
Data Collection Mode: Computer Assisted Personal Interview [capi]

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