Kenya - Socioeconomic Survey of Refugees in Kakuma 2019

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Source United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, The World Bank
Date of Dataset October 21, 2019-December 18, 2019
Updated 26 May 2021
Expected Update Frequency Never

Kind of Data: Sample survey data [ssd]
Unit of Analysis: Sampled household survey, representative of all refugees living in Kakuma refugee camp.
Sampling Procedure: The Kakuma SES utilized a two-stage sampling process where the first stage samples dwellings, stratified by subcamp, followed by second-stage households. Dwellings were drawn as the primary sampling unit (PSU) from an up-to-date list of all dwellings in the camp provided by UNHCR shelter unit, which serves as the sampling frame. The sample was drawn with explicit stratification for the four Kakuma subcamps, with uniform probability for Kakuma 1-3. For Kakuma 4, the selection probability was slightly increased because of higher expected nonresponse

The survey was designed to accurately estimate socioeconomic indicators such as the poverty rate for group sof the population that have at least a 50 percent representation in the population. A 3 percent margin of error at a confidence level of 95 percent is considered accurate, resulting in a sample size of 2,122. Considering a 10 percent nonresponse rate, the target sample size was 2,347.
Data Collection Mode: Computer Assisted Personal Interview [capi]

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