Sudan - Durable Solutions Analysis Survey: North Darfur State, 2021

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Date of Dataset October 01, 2021-November 30, 2021
Updated 10 July 2022
Expected Update Frequency Never

Kind of Data: Sample survey data [ssd]
Unit of Analysis: All IDP returnees, refugee returnees, IDPs in camps and out of camps, and non-displaced populations across Kabkabiya and Kutum.
Sampling Procedure: The sampling followed a systematic simple random approach, through which the households were treated as the primary sampling unit. The sample size for each target group was identified proportionately based on the group's population size. The sampling is designed to produce results representative for each target group in the targeted area of the locality. Analysis at the settlement level is not possible. The selection of settlements included in each locality is based on a prioritization by partner agencies and local partners based on the programmatic scope of the CERF. The data is thus not representative of whole locality, but the specific geographic scope targeted within the locality. In Kutum, the total sample included: 1442 households, covering IDPs in camps (389 HHs), IDPs out of camps (382 HHs), return IDPs (370 HHs) and non-displaced (301 HHs). In Kebkabiya, the total sample included: IDPs (394 HHs) and non-displaced (382 HHs). Additionally, 66 IDP returnee HHs were included in a nearby village (Bardi) - due to this very limited sample, no statistical analysis is done and the actual numbers are included. The sample frame of the household survey was based on the population estimates of each target group, that were provided by key informants and validated through fieldwork missions.
Data Collection Mode: Face-to-face [f2f]

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