Ethiopia - KPC (KAP) Survey Report Shire, May-Aini camp - 2017

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Source UNHCR
Date of Dataset December 25, 2017-December 27, 2017
Updated 7 February 2021
Expected Update Frequency Never

Unit of Analysis: Household
Sampling Procedure: A cross sectional study design was conducted from Jan 25-27, 2017. This survey was conducted in the population of Mai-Ayni refugee camp which is one of the four Eritrean refugee camps located at a distance of 80 km from zonal town of Shire, at 1170 km from Addis Ababa.
The population was 2,563 households within the sample frame of the camp, and a systematic random sampling technique was applied. The survey was conducted in all zones of the camp. To get realistic information we primarily targeted household mothers, since they are more responsible for water, sanitation and hygiene activities in the household; if not present, household head was interviewed; if not present, girls or boys greater than 14 years were interviewed. In case of failure to get either of the above interviewees, the interviewer proceeded to the next house which had occupants available for the interview.
Data Collection Mode: Face-to-face [f2f]

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