Monthly data on asylum seekers originating from Venezuela

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Information about asylum applications lodged in 38 European and 6 non-European countries. Data are broken down by month and origin. Where possible, figures exclude repeat/re-opened asylum applications and applications lodged on appeal or with courts. For some countries, the monthly data are available since 1999 while for others at a later period.

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Source UNHCR
Date of Dataset Jan 01, 1999 - Dec 31, 2025
Expected Update Frequency Live
Methodology Census
Caveats / Comments

In the most-recent data, figures between 1 and 4 have been replaced with an asterisk (*). These represent situations where figures are being kept confidential to protect the anonymity of individuals. Such figures are not included in any totals. Due to retroactive adjustments implemented by States, totals in this dataset may differ from annual totals published by the competent national authorities. Dataset may be empty if the UNHCR dataset does not currently contain any matching records.