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Source Translators without Borders
Date of Dataset December 31, 2001-December 31, 2001
Updated 25 March 2022
Expected Update Frequency As needed
Methodology Census
Caveats / Comments

All data is drawn from government survey results and is subject to any associated limitations or distortions present in the source data.

Literacy was measured as the ability to read and write in any language.
As a data protection measure, the language dataset provider, IPUMS, has merged various second administrative units in order to provide spatio-temporally harmonized units that meet their 20,000 population threshold required for public dissemination of the data. This has resulted in combined figures for different zones in the dataset. Tougnifili and Mankountan, for example, have been combined into one row in this dataset and the language data can only apply across these combined zones. Attempts to disaggregate these locations would likely result in decreased data accuracy.
Languages with population shares less than 0.01% or under 1,000 people (whichever is greater) have been aggregated into the “Other” field.
The language dataset provider, IPUMS, classified Guinea's Prefecture territorial boundaries as Admin1 level division and Sub-prefectures as Admin2, while OCHA classified those same administrative divisions as Admin2 and Admin3. In order to be consistent with OCHA's p-codes, this dataset adopts OCHA's classification, while showing the only data made available by IPUMS, without any prejudice to the protection of individuals.
All decimal values have been rounded to a maximum of 3 decimal places. As a result language shares may not total 100%.

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