Ukraine: Languages

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Source Translators without Borders
Date of Dataset December 31, 2001-December 31, 2001
Updated 6 February 2020
Expected Update Frequency As needed
Methodology Census
Caveats / Comments

All data is drawn from government census results and is subject to any associated limitations or distortions present in the source data. Language data is drawn from the 2001 census, and so will be less accurate due to age and minor area boundary changes. Some admin 2 districts have the same name in the original source data. Their admin 1 area name has been added in parentheses to differentiate them. Ukrainian districts and cities are frequently referred to with slightly differing names and syntax, so use of P- codes is strongly encouraged where possible. Names in other languages are available in HDX admin unit files (see source link). Administrative areas are drawn from UN sources (see source notes) and so include Crimea. At time of census collection Moldavian was treated as a separate language. It is now commonly recognised as the same language as Romanian and is treated as such here. The Romani language in Ukraine comprises three sub-languages - Balkan Romani in the east, Carpathian Romani in the west, and Vlax Romani in the south and west. The Karaim language was also collected in the census, but fell below 0.1% in all instances and so is not included in this dataset. The methodology by which literacy and ability to speak English were measured during the census is not known. Language shares below 0.1% of an area population have been discarded. As a result, languages may not be present at higher administrative levels. All decimal values have been rounded to a maximum of 3 decimal places. As a result, language shares may not total 100%. Empty values represent non-existent data, and should not be treated as zero values.

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