United Republic of Tanzania - Subnational Administrative Boundaries

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Source Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics / UN OCHA ROSA
Date of Dataset October 19, 2018
Updated October 22, 2018
Expected Update Frequency Every year
Methodology Census
Caveats / Comments

Topology requires cleaning/validation (overlaps/gaps present). Wards do not nest exactly with Administrative Boundaries Level I & II

The region of Songwe was assigned the P-code TZ26 by UNICEF according to the logic that it was the lowest available P-code in the mainland series. (The P-codes of the regions of the former People's Republic of Zanzibar begin with TZ51.)

The administrative level 0 (country) boundary KMZ file was created from a generalized (tolerance 0.001 degree) version of the shapefile in order not to exceed the KMZ limit of 30,000 vertices. The shapefile resource is the original version.

The distinction between international borders (AdmLevel 0) and shorelines (AdmLevel 99) in the tzn_admbndl_ALL boundary is subject to interpretation at large scale views.

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