DTM South Sudan Site Assessment Round 6

URL: http://data.humdata.org/dataset/b93c9a24-2399-4b57-a886-99e98394e265/resource/aefba509-0751-4bad-9e76-ba95cbdcf8ea/download/dtm-south-sudan-site-assessment-round-6.xlsx

In round six, DTM mapped the presence of 1,465,542 IDPs displaced since 2014, representing a slight increase (3.2%) since round five in March 2019 (1,420,189 IDPs). As of round six, IDP figures are disaggregated by those who had at some point in the past four years (since 2016) been isplaced abroad, i.e. finding themselves in renewed displacement in South Sudan, making up five per cent of all IDPs and those who have only been displaced within South Sudan (95%).