DTM South Sudan Baseline Assessment Round 2

URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/03c95eef-e3c5-40f6-9c86-9dcdc692be03/resource/0a7edcdb-670c-4523-b847-cd1739ef791d/download/dtm-south-sudan-baseline-assessment-round-2.xlsx

In this second round, the IOM DTM covered a total of 225 payams in 46 counties located across 8 states. This report specifically focuses on returnees and IDP population in Kapoeta South County, where data collection covered 17 bomas in 5 payams, from April – June, 2018. Mobility tracking captured a total of 2,884 IDPs (866 households) and 589 returnees (154 households). Additionally, 266 individuals (52 households) were documented as having relocated to teh area, and the host community is estimated to include 32,130 persons (9,257 households).