South Sudan administrative level 0-2 boundaries

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South Sudan administrative levels 0 (country), 1 (state), and 2 (county) boundary polygon, line, and point shapefiles and KML files and gazetteer; Abyei boundary polygon shapefile and KMZ file; and live services.

This administrative boundaries Common Operational Database (COD-AB) was endorsed by the South Sudan Inter Cluster Coordinating Group (ICCG) and Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) on August 14, 2018.

These boundary files are suitable for database or GIS linkage to the South Sudan administrative levels 0-2 2019 population estimates tables available on HDX.

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Source South Sudan Inter Cluster Information Management Working Group (ICIWG), National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), and OCHA.
Date of Dataset Aug 15, 2018
Expected Update Frequency Every year

Spatial and Topology edited and new pcodes generated based on agreements by IMWG.

Caveats / Comments

Endorsed boundaries updated

P-codes are as used by the National Bureau of Statistics.

For representation on map, the north of the Abyei region boundary should be dotted and the fill colour should be the same as neighbouring countries. The undetermined boundary between South Sudan and Sudan should be dashed and the undetermined boundary of the Illemi triangle, between Kenya and South Sudan should be dashed for the two sides within South Sudan and the third side which borders Kenya should be solid. The relevant shapefile line features are split to enable this.